The Channel Islands are divided into two Bailiwicks; Jersey and Guernsey. Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands and is approximately 160km south of England and 22km from France. The island is a British Crown Dependency which has close links with the UK (particularly the City of London) and Europe. The island’s capital is St Helier. It enjoys legislative and fiscal independence and does not form part of the European Union or Eurozone.

Jersey is a leading international finance centre, particularly for banking, funds, private wealth and capital markets. It enjoys economic and political stability and has a sophisticated and robust legal and regulatory system and high standards of transparency and accountability. It also has access to The Channel Islands Securities Exchange (CISE) which provides a listing facility and a market for companies to raise capital from international investors based on a bespoke trading platform. Its financial regulator is the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC).

Other basic facts:

Time zone

No GMT offset


Official language

English. Jèrriais is the traditional language


National currency

UK pound is the official currency of the United Kingdom the Crown dependencies of Britain (GPB)



Shelf company availabilityNo
Time taken for incorporation10 to 14 working days, although fast-track is possible with higher statutory fee
Permitted currenciesAny foreign currency
Standard currencyGBP
Minimum issued capitalOne (1)
Authorised capitalUsually GBP10,000
Par / nominal valueOptional
MinimumOne (1)
Corporate directorYes, if the body corporate acting as a director is registered under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998 to provide such services and does not itself have any corporate directors
Local director requirementsOptional
Location of meetingAnywhere, being mindful of the requirements of economic substance legislation
Minimum number of meetingsPer Articles of Association
Publicly accessible recordsNo
MinimumOne (1)
Bearer sharesNot allowed
Corporate shareholdersAllowed
Local shareholder requirementsNo
Location of meetingAnywhere
Minimum number of meetingsOne unless the shareholders waive the requirement for an AGM
Publicly accessible recordsRegister of members is open for public inspection
RequirementsA least one (1) individual or corporate. There are no qualifications for this office
RequirementsMust be in Jersey
Preparation of accountsYes
Audit requirementsOnly if the company’s Articles of Association or a shareholders’ resolution require the appointment of auditors
Filing of audited accountsNo, but unaudited accounts must be appended to annual tax return
Publicly accessible recordsNo
Annual returnBefore the end of February each year
Tax returnDue 31st December each year
Legal systemCommon Law
Corporate re-domiciliationYes
Double taxation treaty accessYes
Exchange controlNo
  • Resident companies have a corporate income tax of 0%, unless in the case of financial services entities, utility companies and rental and property development companies
  • GST at 5%
  • No capital gains tax, withholding tax, capital transfer, gift, wealth or inheritance taxes or any death or estate duties
  • No stamp duty is levied in Jersey on the issue, conversion, redemption or transfer of shares

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