Kesington Trust Group (KTG) established a presence in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia in 2013. It was accredited as a licensed trust company by the Labuan FSA on 13 February 2013 by the Labuan FSA to carry on trust company business in, from or through the Federal Territory of Labuan.

In the same year it formed a strategic alliance with JTC, which was further strengthened the following year with JTC’s investment. This alliance creates a global offering of trust, fiduciary, corporate and fund administration services to what is now the collective JTC Kensington client base.


Corporate Services


A range of options are available depending on your needs:-

  • Private and public company
  • Companies limited by shares and limited by guarantee
  • Foreign company registration
  • Limited liability partnership and Limited partnership


It is a legal obligation for every Labuan entity to maintain a registered address in Labuan to which all communications and notices may be addressed. All correspondence received is treated confidentially and is promptly forwarded onto the client.


It is mandatory for Labuan entities to appoint a local resident secretary who must be a trust officer of a trust company or a Labuan / Malaysia domestic company wholly-owned by the Labuan trust company.


We are engaged by our clients to provide corporate secretarial services and administration in relation to a broad range of structures which include investment holding vehicles, joint ventures and entities established for corporate acquisitions and disposals. We also assist clients with corporate governance and board and executive solutions, corporate turnarounds, restructuring and insolvency.

This service includes preparation of minutes and resolutions, maintenance of statutory records and registers, attendance of meetings, searches and any other administration matters.


It is mandatory for Labuan entities to maintain proper accounting records. Depending on your needs, this service may include bookkeeping, consolidation, bank reconciliation, cash flow statement/analysis, financial statements and various reporting.


Our corporate tax compliance services include providing updates on tax compliance requirements in Labuan, preparation and filing of corporate annual income tax returns, payment of tax payable and attending to queries, if any, from Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB).


Our payroll outsourcing services help businesses to keep up with local legislation and ensure confidentiality. Our comprehensive payroll services include:

  • Maintenance of employee payroll database
  • Registering employers and employees with the relevant authorities in Malaysia
  • Input of monthly employee payroll data, increments, bonuses and allowances
  • Preparation of payslips and arrange to disburse funds to individual employees’ accounts
  • Arrange for payment and periodic statutory returns submission
  • Preparation of payroll statutory compliance services such as annual tax forms for employers and employees' annual tax filing


It is compulsory for Labuan companies to maintain at least one resident director (i.e. individual director). The resident director shall be either a trust officer of a Labuan trust company or any natural person who has attained the age of eighteen.


We offer services for application of work permits for both licensed and non-licensed entities registered in Labuan IBFC.  Our scope includes providing guidance on the latest requirements in Labuan, compilation and submission to the Authority, attending to any queries from the Authority and arranging for endorsement.


  • Business office in Labuan
    We have several types of business office and facilities depending on your needs.
  • Trade support
    Various support services covering trade documentation and administration, banking and producing trade related reports.
  • Opening of bank accounts


There are multiple licenses available in Labuan IBFC such as:

  • Banking
  • Leasing
  • Money broking
  • Fund management
  • Public fund
  • Securities licensee
  • Trust
  • Foundation
  • Insurance
  • Factoring
  • International commodity trading
  • Public fund
  • Marketing office in Malaysia

We provide guidance on latest requirements for the relevant licences in Labuan, preparation of documents for the applications, compilation, submission and liaison with Labuan FSA. If the application is approved in principle by the Authority, we will guide you through the conditions imposed until obtaining of the licence.


Under the Labuan Companies Act, migration of foreign companies to Labuan and migration from Labuan to other countries are permitted. We provide guidance for such re-domiciliation exercise in Labuan.


Our custodian services cover both custodian accounts and securities.  As a non-bank custodian, we are selective in the provision of our custodian services and generally, only offer this as an ancillary service for our clients and private funds under our administration only.


We provide cross-border structure establishment in various jurisdictions and administration services.

Private Wealth Services


Our independence and focus ensures that we listen, advise and create plans that are completely aligned with a client’s personal goals. It is these qualities that have contributed toward the long-term relationships that we continue to nurture and build partnerships on. We have extensive experience in managing wealth from trust and estate planning to family governance and succession.

We have experience in administering the underlying businesses within private clients’ structures which requires a blend of ‘corporate style’ service with the defined focus and personal interaction that underpins our traditional private client relationships.

Services which we provide to our private clients include:

  • Establishment of bespoke trusts and foundations based in a number of jurisdictions for estate and succession planning, philanthropy objectives and any other specific purpose.
  • Provision of personal trustee services.
  • Ongoing administration and financial accounting including its underlying structure and portfolios.
  • Ensuring that management and control is exercised in the appropriate jurisdiction, when required.
  • Partnership with licensed asset/fund managers in management of the assets.


TC Private Office offers a holistic service built around unique family needs. The service works as an extension of the family, bringing simplicity, clarity and flexibility to the management of financial and non-financial affairs.

JTC Private Office is powered by Edge, a state-of-the-art, market leading, highly secure technology, purpose-built for (U)HNW clients and single/multi-family offices.

Edge provides a unified approach to organising clients’ wealth and related affairs, bringing together in one place all the relevant aspects of their life, securely through our bespoke online platform.

With Edge, you can have your life in one place.



We work closely with our clients to implement governance structures that reflect each family’s values. 

As an independent advisor, we can provide cross-cultural committee members who can help families devise effective business management committee structures, which are not only efficient but also create a forum to enable the family's vision and values to be transmitted to the next generation.

By engaging with several generations of the same family we can build strong, effective solutions to lead our clients and their families through the complex challenges of managing generational wealth.

Engaging with younger family members to build strong financial skills teamed with real-world awareness helps to preserve and sustain our clients' family vision for generations



Emily Liew

Managing Director
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Executive Director
Kensington Trust Labuan Limited
Corporate Secretarial & Trust Administration Department

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Executive Director
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Client Accounting Department

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