NZ – New Zealand’s global passport power ranking improves even more - (Archive)

JTC Kensington New Zealand is proud to report an improvement in our global passport rankings to eighth place, along with 184 other countries offering visa free travel.

This is an increase from New Zealand’s January 2020 ranking which saw New Zealand in ninth place, jointly with Australia.

As noted by global immigration firm Henley and Partners:

“This is an exceptional result, reflecting New Zealand’s handling of the health crisis”

Whilst the US passport has seen a dramatic fall from grace, New Zealand has become even more attractive, understandably, to many US and other investors, as a safe haven for both their capital and themselves.

The New Zealand office is well positioned to offer seamless solutions to offshore investors wanting to:

  • Use New Zealand as a structuring platform for the establishment of trusts managed in a safe jurisdiction; and/or
  • Obtain New Zealand permanent residence and citizenship.

As we all navigate our way through complex times, JTC Kensington New Zealand remains committed to offering a stable environment to its global clients.