Officially known as the Republic of Panama, the country is located in Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean between Colombia and Costa Rica. The capital is Panama City.

Panama's economy, because of its key geographic location, is mainly based on a well-developed service sector heavily weighted towards banking, commerce, tourism, and trading. It has a robust regulatory, supervisory and legal framework.

Other basic facts:

Time zone

-5:00 GMT


Official language

Spanish. English is also commonly used.


National currency

Panamanian balboa



Shelf companiesYes, upon request
Incorporation timeframe5 business days (expedite service is available)
Company name

Name of the Company may not be similar to the name of any corporation already incorporated or registered in Panama. All Panamanian corporations must end with the suffix Corporation, Incorporated, Sociedad Anónima or the abbreviations CORP., INC. or S.A.. They may not utilise the suffix Limited or LTD.

Names may be expressed in any language using the Latin alphabet. The Registrar may request a Spanish or English translation.

Language of legislation and corporate documentsSpanish and certified English translations
Trading restrictionsPanamanian corporations are allowed to carry on any activity that is not contrary to the law, moral or public order. However, business of banking, trusteeship and trust administration, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, fund management, investment funds, collective investment schemes and any other activity that would suggest an association with the banking, finance, fiduciary or insurance businesses are regulated in Panama and requires prior authorization even if the corporations are to operate these activities abroad
Permitted currenciesAny foreign currency
Standard currencyUS$
Authorised capitalStandard capital is US$10,000
Minimum issued capitalOne (1)
Par / nominal valueOptional
Bearer sharesAllowed. No par value and bearer shares must be fully paid when issued.
Minimum directorsThree (3)
OfficersPanamanian corporation are required to appoint a minimum of three (3) officers (president, secretary and treasurer) who may also be the directors
Corporate directorsAllowed
Local director requirementsOptinonal
Location of meetingAnywhere
Minimum number of meetingsPer Articles of Association
Publicly accessible recordsYes
MinimumOne (1)
Corporate stockholdersAllowed
Local stockholder requirementsNo
Location of meetingAnywhere
Minimum number of meetingsNone
Publicly accessible recordsOptional
RequirementsAt least one (1), natural or corporate. The company secretary may be of any nationality and need not be a resident of Panama. In practice of the directors will act as secretary
RequirementsMandatory to be maintained in Panama at the office of the Resident Agent
Preparation of accountsOptional
Audit requirements and filingNo
Publicly accessible recordsNo
RegistrationPowers of Attorney, general or special, granted by public deed or by private document with a legally certain date will be effective in respect to third parties on the date of its execution and may be registered at the Public Registry at the interested parties’ discretion
Annual returnNone
Annual tax returnNone
Annual licence feeFranchise Tax of US$300
Corporate re-domiciliationYes
Legal systemCivil
Double taxation treaty accessYes if the Double Taxation Agreement allows it
Exchange controlNo
TaxationIncome obtained from business effected outside the territory of the Republic of Panama is not income derived from a source within Panama, and therefore, is not taxable under Panamanian Law, even though the business might be direct from an office established in Panama

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