MALAYSIA – Movement Control Order extended by 2 weeks until 14th April 2020 - (Archive)

To our valued clients and business partners

On 25th March 2020, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced that the government has decided to extend the Movement Control Order (MCO) for another two weeks until 14th April 2020 to contain the further spread of COVID-19.

As responsible corporate citizens, we wish to inform you that JTC Kensington offices in Malaysia will continue to comply fully with this extension of the Movement Control Order, based on the same reasons which we have stated earlier.

As such, our offices in Malaysia, Labuan and Kuala Lumpur will continue to remain closed during this period until 14th April 2020.

Meanwhile, as stated earlier, we will work from home under our Business Continuity Program and we hope to continue to serve you via this mode of communication. You may contact the following key personnel stated below.

We thank you again for your understanding and perseverance, as we continue to navigate through these unique times.

As always, please continue to Stay Safe.

Our key personnel contacts:

Labuan Office:

Raymond Wong at or +6012 827 0828

Emily Liew at or +6012 803 1828

Josephine Kwan at or 012 837 1888

June Chin at or +6017 816 8950

Amy Wong at or +6017 228 9883


Kuala Lumpur Office:

David Kong at or +6012 222 8692 (For Malaysian companies)

Mahadevi at or +6016 220 2801 (For Others)